PSRF contributes $794,268 to Solar Thermal Energy Project

The latest round of the Premier’s Science and Research Fund (PSRF) included a contribution of $794,268 to the design and development of an integrated solar, geothermal and combustion system for high efficiency base load power generation.

This project aims to reduce the cost of solar thermal energy by 40 per cent through the integration of renewable energy technologies, while also achieving up to 50% renewable energy and true base-load capability, by developing all of the components required for the efficient and cost-effective integration of concentrated solar energy, geothermal energy and combustion into a single device.

The project is a collaborative project, between GeoSolar – a 100% owned subsidiary of a leading geothermal company, Petratherm, and the University of Adelaide. It is being led by Mr Terry Kallis from GeoSolar and Professor Gus Nathan, Director of the Centre for Energy Technology (CET), from the Environment Institute at the University of Adelaide.

The project has a leading team of technical and commercialisation experts, from both the University of Adelaide and GeoSolar. The researchers involved in this project from the University of Adelaide are leaders in their field and have extensive experience in delivering large-scale projects. GeoSolar, through its parent company Petratherm, has proven skills in the planning, delivery and commercialisation aspects of renewable energy R&D and technology demonstration projects.

The funding from the State Government will assist with the research and development of this project to contribute to the South Australian Strategic Plan’s objective of attaining sustainability, through the improvement of renewable energy technology.

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