National Tree Day 28 July

Image: Planet Ark

Image: Planet Ark

National Tree Day on Sunday 28 July and School Tree Day on Friday 26 July combine to make Australia’s largest tree planting event.

National Tree Day present Australians with an opportunity to give something back to the environment we live in by planting native trees, grasses and shrubs in the local community. National Tree Day promotes education about our natural environment and a commitment to care for it for future generations. Since National Tree Day began in 1996, more than 2.8 million people have planted over 17 million trees and shrubs.

Get involved!

Register your tree planting event on the National Tree Day Registration page. If you’re not hosting an event but want to get involved, find an event near you.

Got questions?

More information is available in the FAQ section of the National Tree Day website, or call the National Tree Day hotline on 1300 88 5000.

National Tree Day

National Tree Day will be held on Sunday 31st July 2011, with Schools Tree Day taking place on the Friday 29th July 2011. Celebrating its 16th year in 2011, Australians work together to protect their natural environment by planting and caring for native trees and shrubs.  Since its inception in 1996, more than 15 million seedlings have been planted by more than 2 million volunteers across 3,500 sites nationwide. National Tree Day aims to ‘inspire, educate and recruit Australians to actively care for our unique land and create future generations of committed environmental custodians.’

The Environment Institute was recently involved in a similar project.   This took place at Kangaroo Island from 8th-10th July, 2011, where 10 postgraduate students were given the opportunity to be involved in re-instating large areas of habitat for some of KI’s rarest plant life.  This year over 120,000 seedlings, many of them endemic to KI, were planted.  Read more
Environmental benefits associated with National Tree Day are:
To find out more about National Tree Day and how to volunteer, click here.