A Renewable Energy Plan for Australia

Listen to Peter Seligman speak at the final Thinking Critically About Sustainable Energy forum.

Thinking Critically About Sustainable Energy: Our Energy Future
Interactive discussions about energy 40 years into the future

This RiAus and Centre for Energy Technology event was the final of six public forums aimed at providing comprehensive examinations of sustainable energy technologies and critical evaluations of their potential for reducing carbon emissions.

It is estimated that in the year 2050 the global demand for energy will be five times what it is today. At the same time we will be faced with rapidly dwindling reserves of fossil fuel and international laws that limit carbon emissions to perhaps 20 per cent of their current levels.

Listen to an expert panel examine the systems and technologies that might be at the forefront of a reliable, sustainable energy grid in the year 2050.

To access audio-visual material from this event, please visit our website.

Sustainable Energy Seminar 2 – Podcasts Now Available

Thinking Critically About Sustainable Energy Seminar 2 : Established Renewables – Podcast available HERE.

Podcasts are now available for last night’s Thinking Critically About Sustainable Energy Seminar Series 2, which tackled the theme of Established Renewables.

Associate Professor Bassam Dally and a panel of experts discussed the role that established renewables will play in the move away from fossil fuels. Together they examined whether these sources of energy are efficient enough to be cost-effective and produce enough energy to satisfy future requirements.

Presentations are also available as individual podcasts here.

The Royal Institution of Australia (RiAus) and The Centre for Energy Technology at The University of Adelaide are proud to collaborate on this exciting 6-part series.

This series is a valuable opportunity for anyone interested in learning more about the energy sources humans rely upon today, and help us all to understand the options our society is considering to sustainably deliver our future energy demands.

Seminars are free but booking is essential.  To find out more and to reserve your seat, please visit the RIAus website.

Fossil Fuel Future – Podcasts Now Available

Thinking Critically About Sustainable Energy – “Fossil Fuel Future”  DOWNLOAD PODCASTS HERE

The first seminar in this series “Fossil Fuel Future” was held last night at the Science Exchange. The seminar was well attended with Professor Barry Brook heading an expert panel to discuss our fossil fuel future.

Professor Bassam Dally (CET, University of Adelaide) discussed the potential for next generation combustion systems to burn fossil fuels in cleaner and more efficient ways. Professor John Kaldi (Chief Scientist, CO2CRC) explained options available for the geosequestration of CO2 and how these carbon capture and storage mechanisms will work within our existing infrastructure.  Susie Smith (SANTOS) gave an industry and policy perspective on the future of energy from gas.

Click HERE to download audio visual material from this event.

Thinking Critically About Sustainable Energy is a 6-part public seminar series organised by The Centre for Energy Technology at The University of Adelaide and The Royal Institution of Australia (RiAus). Moderated by Professor Barry Brook, the Sir Hubert Wilkins Chair of Climate Change at University of Adelaide, this timely series will be hosted in central Adelaide at the home of the RiAus, the Science Exchange.

This series is free but booking is essential.  Visit the EI website for more information.

Glimpse into the Future of Energy

Two new public seminar series starting in July will offer insight into how developments in clean, cost-effective energy technology will shape our future.

Run by the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Energy Technology, the free public seminars will focus on different aspects of energy.

“Thinking Critically About Sustainable Energy” – organised in conjunction with the Royal Institution of Australia – is a six-part seminar series that will bring together top energy experts to provide information and tools for the public to be able to critically assess future energy sources.

Public participation in this series is strongly encouraged, with time for questions from the audience.

The first seminar in this series, on the future of fossil fuels, will be held on Wednesday 7 July.

The other public seminar series, “Energy Futures” – organised in conjunction with the University’s School of Earth and Environmental Sciences – is a twelve-part series that will look at a range of clean energy technology options for the future.

The first of these seminars, on climate change, will be held on Wednesday 28 July.

“Our two new seminar series will give the public the opportunity to learn about the wide variety of new clean energy technology options, including those being developed at the University of Adelaide ” said the Director of the Centre for Energy Technology, Professor Gus Nathan.

“Research into clean and efficient energy technologies is needed to deliver a clean energy future that addresses climate change and reduces the cost of energy.

“Both seminar series will feature members of the Centre who are internationally recognised for their research in such fields as the combustion of fossil fuels, bio-fuels, solar, geothermal, wind and wave energy, and energy efficiency.  The seminars will also feature speakers from leading companies and organisations in the energy field.

“These public seminars aim to help the community to critically assess how each of these developments in energy technology may address our future energy needs,” Professor Nathan said.

The Centre for Energy Technology is part of the Environment Institute and the Institute for Mineral and Energy Resources at the University of Adelaide.

Thinking Critically About Sustainable Energy

When: 6:00pm-7:30pm 7 July–3 November

Where: The Science Exchange, Exchange Place, Adelaide

Cost: free – all welcome.  Registration required at www.riaus.org.au.

Energy Futures

When: 5.00pm–7.00pm each Wednesday from 28 July–15 September and 6–27 October

Where: Horace Lamb Lecture Theatre, North Terrace Campus, University of Adelaide

Cost: free – all welcome.  No registration necessary

For more information about either series please email: environment@adelaide.edu.au or visit: http://www.adelaide.edu.au/environment/cet