Congratulations to our new Professor – Bronwyn Gillanders

Congratulations to Bronwyn Gillanders of the Environment Institute for her recent promotion to Professor. Bronwyn was recognised for her contribution and achievements to research and teaching within the University.

Bronwyn Gillanders is the Director of the Marine Biology Program at The Environment Institute. Bronwyn’s research focuses on aquatic ecology, with particular emphasis on fish and fisheries ecology. Bronwyn also edited the seminal volume in Australasian marine science, the Marine Ecology textbook.

Congratulations Bronwyn!

One thought on “Congratulations to our new Professor – Bronwyn Gillanders

  1. Big fan of Bronwyn Gillanders back from the late 90s from reading her papers on the blue groper. Would anyone ever expect a comment like this?? The wonders of the world wide web. Just a fellow marine biologist that has an interest in large, molluscivorous labrids.

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