Top 10 Posts

Whilst we love all our posts equally some have been more loved than others, the following is a list of our Top Ten Posts (in no specific order).

Cricket plague – should we be jumping for cover? –  Dr John Jennings explains why there’s been so many crickets in Adelaide.

David SuzukiWhen David Suzuki visited Adelaide as part of his The Legacy: an elder’s vision for our sustainable future book tour. We recorded the talk and released it as a podcast.

Bringing back bits from the dead – Mammoth haemoglobin was been successfully resurrected by a team including scientists from ACAD

New study ranks countries on environmental impact – A study led by Professor Corey Bradshaw ranks most of the world’s countries for their environmental impact.

Smart vertical access wind turbine – AGL Torrens Island continues its support for small high efficiency wind turbine technology.

Hugh Possingham – Why monitor the environment. Professor Hugh Possingham of the University of Queensland gave a talk in 2010 on how we need to change how we monitor the environment.

New discoveries in the Foja Mountains of New Guinea – A team of scientists including a researcher from the University of Adelaide found previously undescribed species on a expedition to New Guinea.

Eric Mazur – Confessions of a converted lecturer – Professor Mazur spoke about how changing his approach to teaching significantly improved the perfomance of his students

Rebirth of the Bilby – PhD student, Karen Trengrove talks about Bilby conservation.

William Laurance – Diagnosis Critical – William Laurance shared his prolific observations from a career in tropical ecosystems research

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