The Centres and Programs

Australian Centre for Ancient DNA (ACAD).

ACAD is one of the leading ancient DNA centres in the world, and the only one in the Southern Hemisphere. With an international reputation for highly-innovative research, ACAD is developing new platform technologies, and collaborative programs with international research leaders across multiple fields. Researchers in ACAD study evolution and environmental change through time using preserved genetic records in human, animal, plant and sedimentary material. The centre’s key interests include molecular studies of population genetics, paleoenvironments, phylogeny, phylogeography, molecular clocks, and the application of DNA sequences deposited through time.

Australian Centre for Evolutionary Biology and Biodiversity (ACEBB).

ACEBB is a nationally recognised centre of expertise in systematics, evolutionary biology and biodiversity science. ACEBB is performing as one of the top research groups in the University of Adelaide. A unique strength of ACEBB is the relationship between the SA Museum, State Herbarium and Bioknowledge, South Australian Department of Environment and Heritage and the University of Adelaide. These excellent facilities are seen as the best practice model in Australia.

Centre for Energy Technology (CET).

The Centre for Energy Technology (CET) will accelerate the national and international transition to a clean energy future through world-leading research and development activities that makes this path cost-effective. Its multidisciplinary expertise spans engineering, mathematics, chemistry, physics and environmental sciences. The Centre seeks to identify, develop and support the implementation of clean energy technologies by undertaking innovative and outstanding research, technology development and consulting activities in partnership with industry, government and the community.

Landscapes Futures Program  (LFP).

The Landscape Futures Program at the University of Adelaide, led by Professor Wayne Meyer, has been established to respond to the growing need for integrated solutions to the management of natural resources. A dynamic team of researchers, teachers, managers and communicators is developing the Landscape Futures Program, starting with six researchers and 12 postgraduate students.

Marine Biology Program (MBP)

The Marine Biology Program is Australia’s leading scientific research group for temperate marine environments in Australia and has made major new discoveries through long-term, continental-scale studies. They undertake research on the ecology of fish, invertebrates and plants in estuaries and reef systems. The research of the Centre is focused on understanding the connectivity and ecology of marine environments, with research projects often spanning hundreds to thousands of kilometres of Australian coast. The researchers in this Centre are recognised for their ability and willingness to respond to national and international research priorities for management.

Water Research Centre (WRC).

The Water Research Centre brings together scientists, engineers and economists to address water management issues of national significance. The Water Research Centre builds upon the successes of the Water Research Cluster and will continue to build a creative, energetic and visionary water centre at the University of Adelaide. We are ready to engage government, industry and the community in water issues related to, climate change, process management and human health.

Climate and Ecology

The mission of Climate and Ecology (previously The Research Institute for Climate Change and Sustainability or RIsCCS) is to undertake multidisciplinary research to mitigate carbon emissions and develop adaptive strategies to respond to the anticipated impacts of climate change.

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