Leadership and Climate Change

Download the podcast from the Leadership and Climate Change event, presented by The Environment Institute and the Leaders Institute of South Australia.

The common thread on the night was vision – holding it, enabling it, moving our society to focus more on the future. However, the fact that we don’t currently have this is quite a paradox. It is manifestly in our common self-interest to act on this issue. Yet the fear and pain that people may feel seems quite out of proportion to the common explanation – financial costs.

Environment Institute Business Manager, Simon Divecha has recapped the nights event on his Blog Greenmode. Read the full recap here.

One thought on “Leadership and Climate Change

  1. I was particularly interested to listen to the presentation and to the discussion afterwards. Much worthwile thought and comment was enjoyed by most if not all.

    I wish to put the idea that seem to pervade and in deed focus the attention in these things is the idea that Government, big business etc are to be Responsible, must pay and then pass the costs plus proffit on to the consumer.

    The idea of personnal responsibility and a call to action by each individual and in fact that it is both desirable and an effective co-operation with the major players that will bring positive change.

    Also, the prime focus is on Power and Mining(resource sector) as the people who create and thus are responsible. Again making the picture seem to have no part to be played by individuals and families.

    I wish to focuss on some of the other industries that impact the environment by missusing their power to destroy natural growth forrest and subsequently all ecosystems that may have been in balance for thousands of years.

    The perveyors of chemicals that have never been tested (cost/damage/benefit/human & animal cost ie health long term etc) All that flows over our bodies and down the drain, and out into the environment devouring and damaging every thing in its path. For decades used with-out responsibility for any result.

    We can, as individuals choose better if only we got the truths out in the open and companies accepted that they are perpetuating the damage by ignoring the facts.

    A wise comment was made, ” ye shall know the truth and the truth will set you free!” without the truth, man remains ignorant and is powerless to act – that is where we are at the moment.

    Real leadership is in educating people what the alternatives are and so impacting the environment one person, one family and one household at a time!

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